About The Academy of Pet Careers

The Academy of Pet Careers is a trade school in the St. Louis area redefining what it means to be a pet professional. With over 30 years of experience educating pet professionals, the APC is proud to always teach the most modern, evidence-based methods to get the job done and empower pets.

The APC is one of the only hands-on pet career schools will multiple paths of study. With vocational programs focusing on three different career paths, there is something for everyone. Become a pet groomer, dog trainer, or veterinary assistant through one of our in-person or online programs.

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Our Two Main Values/Goals

1. To Set Our Students Up For Success

As a vocational trade school, the APC core focus is to teach you the skills needed to excel in your desired career. You will spend your days learning hands-on with pets in an environment that simulates the real job. We keep our classes small so students can get one-on-one, personalized attention from our expert instructors.

Our leaders and Instructors are all experienced in the pet care field and have extensive knowledge on what it takes to succeed in any of the three career paths. Many of our graduates go on to start their own business and have the opportunity to learn from the owners of the school who also own multiple pet care facilities.

2. To Empower Pets

Learning theory, canine communication, and pet empowerment are just a few of the topics that are essential to setting you apart from the competition. No matter your program or career path, every student will go through animal behavior training. This education will put you ahead of 90% of pet professionals in the field today.

We follow the philosophy of Pet Empowerment and require all our students to take our pledge. The Pet Empowerment Pledge focuses on developing a healthier human-pet bond and a more cooperative relationship. If you are interested, you can learn more about the pledge here!

Dog Grooming School

Learn about our dog grooming courses and how you can become a certified dog groomer in as little as four weeks. Teachings include everything from bathing and brushing to breed trims. 

Dog Training School

Our dog training certifications teach everything from basic obedience to scent detection and service dog training, so find out how you can become a dog trainer today...

Vet Assisting School

Our newest program, veterinary assisting, will prepare students for the exciting world of veterinary medicine. Learn how you can become a veterinary assistant today.

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Reasons to choose the APC?

Hands on learning

Each program we teach is hands-on and simulates a real working environment. This experience will better prepare you for a job in the pet care industry. This is critical when learning a trade skills such as dog grooming or dog training. 

Personalized instruction

Our class sizes are small, allowing for more one-on-one attention from our expert instructors. We understand that each student learns at their own pace, so we will follow your lead.

Short Programs

Unlike most schools that can take 2-4 years to graduate, all our programs can be completed in 5 months or less. Don't wait years to start your dream career. Join us now and you could be in your new job in no time.

Job placement assistance

We understand the importance of finding a job right out of school. We have developed a network of pet businesses and alumni to help you find your dream job when you graduate.


If you have to travel for school, we can help. We provide off-campus housing to students from out of town. We do what we can to make you feel right at home when you are in school.  

Financial Aid

We are approved by many funding organizations to help with school expenses. Check out our list of Financial Aid Options to see if you are eligible, or you can contact our admissions team to help with the process. 

3D Virtual Tour

The Academy of Pet Careers is partnered with many local and national pet care facilities, including names such as Petropolis: Empowered Pet Care and Silver Maple Pet Center. Learn more about our Preferred Hiring Partners.