Financial Aid Options

The idea of starting a new career is fun and exciting, but sometimes the burden of the financial obligation can be scary. At the Academy of Pet Careers, we work hard to provide financial aid options to all students.

The resources below will help you begin your financial aid process. Please reach out to our Admissions Director for assistance and guidance through out your planning.

Please Note: the APC is NOT eligible for FAFSA loans or other federal grants.

Government Funding Options

Both state and federal government funding provide a variety of options for students at the Academy of Pet Careers. You can begin by reviewing the options below to see if you are eligible for funding from any of these government organizations.

TFC Student Loans

We know that bank loans and government funds are not available to all students. Whether you have poor credit or can’t work while attending school, we’ve partnered with TFC Tuition to provide loan options for most every student. With your long-term success in mind, we’ve worked to get your monthly payments as low as possible so you can focus on what’s important, your career.

Our loans require a minimal down payment to get started and full-time students will get discounted payments while in school to lighten the load as you focus on your program. Contact our admissions team to learn more about TFC Student Loans or to start your Student Loan Application.


Triumph Over Adversity Scholarship (In-Person Programs Only)

The Triumph Over Adversity Scholarship will be awarded to a candidate who has shown true courage when faced with personal hardship. The ideal candidate is one who has challenged themselves, who hasn't been put down by their unfortunate circumstances, and who wants to make a difference in the world.

Adversity can come in many forms, so we leave it up to you to share what has prevented you from obtaining your life's goals. One person will earn full tuition scholarship for any program at The Academy of Pet Careers valued up to $20,000. Additional fees may apply for housing and equipment, but all tuition costs will be covered so you can start your new career without the burden of school debt.

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Hannelore Bugby Scholarship for Pet Entrepreneurs (In-Person Programs Only)

Hannelore Bugby is the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit. As the founder of The Academy of Pet Careers, she created a resource that can help future pet entrepreneurs to start their journey by providing fundamental career education. She continues to invent ideas and invest herself in new opportunities, whether they be in pet care, real estate, or summer camps for young entrepreneurs looking to follow her example.

We offer this scholarship in honor of the woman who made us possible and in hope that we can bring another young entrepreneur closer to their dream. Hannelore Bugby will hand-select a student who aspires to start his/her/their own business. That student will receive a full tuition scholarship for any program at The Academy of Pet Careers valued up to $20,000.

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