Financial Aid

The idea of starting a new career is fun and exciting, but sometimes the burden of the financial obligation can be scary. At the Academy of Pet Careers, we work hard to provide financial aid options to all students.

The resources below will help you begin your financial aid process. Please reach out to our Admissions Director for assistance and guidance through out your planning.

Government Funding

Both state and federal government funding provide a variety of options for students at the Academy of Pet Careers. You can begin by reviewing the options below to see if you are eligible for funding from any of these government organizations.

APC Student Loan

The Academy of Pet Careers also provides a student loan option. Please note, you must provide a letter of refusal for a student loan from at least one bank to be eligible for the APC student loan. These are short term loans (no more than 3 years) and require a down payment. Typically, APC Student Loans are only provided for students in the entry level courses, and excludes the Leadership Programs.

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