Our Philosophy

Pet Empowerment is all about understanding the psychology of fear and anxiety in pets. We can better serve them as learn to understand them. Our passion at the APC is in improving the quality and standard of care in our industry. Every day, pets go to their vet or a groom salon, and they deal with fears and anxiety. In many cases we can recognize their discomfort but aren't equipped to handle it.

Our teachings include theories in applied animal behavior and can help our future pet professionals change the industry. With more modern practices, we can make each pet’s visit as comfortable as possible. These practices not only improve the experience for the pets, but for the professionals as well. There is less struggling, a lower risk for fear aggression, and a safer environment overall.

Military Benefits GI Bill

Pet Empowerment practices are the next big topic in the pet industry and the students with these skills will be on the forefront of this new change. These skills can be used in any facet of the pet industry including grooming, training, vet care, lodging, daycare, pet sitting, etc. No employee in this industry should be without this knowledge and we hope you will allow us to teach it to you.

The Pet Empowerment portion of our courses include the following lessons in:

  • Canine Communication Skills
  • Fundamentals of Applied Animal Behavior
  • Assessing Fear Skills
  • Fear-Based Behavioral Modification Skills

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