Do Dog Groomers Need To Be Licensed?

Do dog groomers need to be licensed?

If you’ve ever wondered how to become a dog groomer, you’ve probably found yourself on the internet researching if dog groomers need to be licensed. It is important to understand the difference between getting licensed and getting certified, and what the rules are in your state. These two words are used almost interchangeably in the…

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Benefits of a Raw Food Diet For Dogs

Raw food diet for dogs

People are increasingly concerned about where their food comes from. More people are looking into ingredients and sourcing food locally or organically. It follows that as we become more concerned with where our food comes from and what we are eating, we would also become concerned with the source of our pet’s food. Even pricey,…

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Managing a Maturing Dog and How to Improve Their Lifestyle

Elderly dog

Pretty much the only downside to loving a dog is that they age so much faster than we do. While we can hope for a decade or so of active prime time with our dogs, after that they will begin to slow down. Adjusting to your dog’s changing preferences and abilities can be challenging for…

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How To Stop A Dog From Chewing The Fun Way

How to stop a dog from chewing

Much like how human babies explore the world through taste and touch, puppies are always putting things in their mouths. Since puppies only have their mouth for exploration, everything they want to explore goes in those mouths. While typically a few licks are enough to satisfy curiosity, sometimes puppies find a texture they think will…

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Making Your Dog’s Crate Feel Like Home

Crate training a dog

If only you could take your dog with you wherever you went, you would never have to look at those sad, anxious eyes through the crate bars again. The fact is, even if your lifestyle is very dog-friendly, there are going to be times that she will have to stay home. If you worry that…

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Recognizing a High Drive Dog and Giving Them an Outlet

High drive dog

Every handler of a working dog recognizes drive. It is a focused intensity, a desire to work, that makes dogs overcome all obstacles in pursuit of the goal. Drive is what gives a Malinois trained in police work the bravery to tackle a man three times his size. It is what makes a hunting dog…

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How to Control and Live with a Shedding Dog

Dog Shedding

Unless you have a dog with hair that must be trimmed periodically, or you have a hairless breed, you deal with shedding. All dogs with fur shed, some more than others. Each breed’s coat is unique, but when it comes to shedding, there are essentially three types of coat, and ways of preventing shedding. Short…

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Discover What Your Dog Can Teach You About Yourself

What your dog can teach you about yourself

Our dogs complete us, they are our perfect partners. Your head is high on your upright body so you can see well, her head slings low to the ground so she can smell many times better than you can. Humans excel in planning and organizing, while our dogs outmatch us at enjoying life, as well…

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Introducing Your Dog to a New Baby

Introducing dog to baby

Having your first baby is arguably the most amazing thing that will ever happen to you. Meeting a new family member should be one of the most amazing things ever to happen to your dog too. Bringing home a baby can also be very stressful and will stretch your mental state to the breaking point.…

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Never Train In Anger

Never train in anger

Recognizing Thought Patterns That Affect Your Training Relationship Our dogs can make us proud, fill us with light-hearted joy, make us laugh, make us cry, and sometimes, they can make us angry. Being human, we can’t keep ourselves from experiencing the gamut of emotions our dogs arouse in us, but we can learn to recognize…

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