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Scholarship Recipient Aspires to Start Her Own Service Dog Company

ST LOUIS, MO – July 17, 2019 – Cassandra Christensen was recently awarded the Hannelore Bugby Scholarship for Female Entrepreneurs by The Academy of Pet Careers. This scholarship is only offered once per year to a female student who shows ambition and aspires to start her own pet business. The ideal candidate is one who wishes…

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The Academy of Pet Careers Is Now Looking for Sponsors

ST LOUIS, MO – May 31, 2019 – Education is only the beginning to starting a successful pet career. The Academy of Pet Careers is looking for sponsors in the pet care industry that can help our graduates get connected and build the resources they need to succeed.   The value of a sponsor can come…

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Pet CPR & First Aid Classes Held Monthly

Pet CPR & First Aid, The Academy of Pet Careers

ST LOUIS, MO – April 30, 2019 – Pet CPR & First Aid has become increasingly popular over the years, and not just for pet professionals. Pet parents are finding comfort in knowing what to do in a medical emergency until they can get their pet to the vet. The Academy of Pet Careers is hosting…

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New Scholarship Promotes Female Entrepreneurship

Hannelore Bugby Scholarship for Female Entrepreneurs, The Academy of Pet Careers

ST LOUIS, MO – March 19, 2019 – Women predominantly run the pet care industry. With low barriers to entry, opportunities are available to anyone ambitious enough to open their own pet business. The Academy of Pet Careers wants to celebrate the women of the industry by offering a scholarship to one lucky woman who expresses…

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SocialPET is the First to Offer Affordable Education to Pet Businesses

SocialPET Launch Image

ST LOUIS, MO – February 16, 2019 – With steady growth of the pet care industry (predicted increase of $3 Billion in 2018), there are more opportunities for small pet businesses than ever before. SocialPET was created to support small pet businesses in their efforts to open their doors and grow their business. SocialPET is an…

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The New Hub for Pet Education in St. Louis

The Academy of Pet Careers Owners (Joseph Schifano, Paul Schfiano, Michael Schifano)

ST LOUIS, MO – January 15, 2019 – The AKC Museum of the Dog has been a landmark in St. Louis since 1995. Pet lovers from all around could come and enjoy the pet-friendly environment and learn from classes being held in their event space. Since the announcement of their closing in 2017, many pet education…

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Free Tuition For Displaced Vatterott Students

ST LOUIS, MO – December 18, 2018 – Yesterday, Vatterott College announced its closing, displacing hundreds of employees and thousands more students. In response, The Academy of Pet Careers is offering up to 5 Vatterott students free tuition to attend their pet career school in hopes that other educational facilities will follow their example. With this news,…

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New Animal Behavior Seminar Teaches How To Reduce Fear In Pets

Animal Behavior Seminar, The Academy of Pet Careers

ST LOUIS, MO – November 23, 2018 – Every program at The Academy of Pet Careers (APC) offers canine communication and animal behavior training. Skills learned in these programs help pet professionals better read dogs, to better serve them. Because of its popularity, the APC has developed a 2-day animal behavior seminar focusing on managing fear-driven…

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Dog Training School Takes on a More Positive Approach

Positive Reinforcement Training

ST LOUIS, MO – October 1, 2018 – The Academy of Pet Careers eliminates the use of punishment from their curriculum. With the agenda of empowering pets, their dog training school is determined to only use reward-based methods to teach pet obedience. The pet obedience world has predominantly been focused on corrective-based training methods, using…

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Meet Our Newest Dog Training Instructor

Jody Epstein Dog Training Instructor

The Academy of Pet Careers is excited to welcome the newest addition to our team, Jody Epstein! Jody will be taking over the role of head dog training instructor for our dog training school. In addition, she will be the new animal behavior instructor for our Pet Empowerment Program. We are excited to have Jody…

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