Dog Training School Takes on a More Positive Approach

What Is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

ST LOUIS, MO – October 1, 2018 – The Academy of Pet Careers eliminates the use of punishment from their curriculum. With the agenda of empowering pets, their dog training school is determined to only use reward-based methods to teach pet obedience.

The pet obedience world has predominantly been focused on corrective-based training methods, using prong, choke, or electric collars. The science of animal behavior has shown that learning improves when rewards are introduced and punishment is eliminated. The use of punishment has been directly connected to the development of fear in pets, which is the main cause of pet relinquishment.

Students looking to become dog trainers may be unaware of the different methods used in obedience training. It becomes the responsibility of the educators to set the stage for success and push the agenda of improving the lives of pets and the professionals that work with them.

The dog training school at The Academy of Pet careers has worked for the past decade to eliminate the use of punishment in their obedience programs. With the introduction of a new head training instructor, Jody Epstein, and her focus in Animal Behavior, every dog training course is now focused on reward-based methods (using positive reinforcement). Additional information about positive reinforcement training can be found here or visit our dog training school page at

This transition coincides with their Pet Empowerment agenda, which hopes to bring awareness to pet abuse and help pet owners and professionals better enrich the pets in their care. Learn about the Pet Empowerment Pledge and help save a pet’s life!

About The Academy of Pet Careers

The Academy of Pet Careers (APC) has led the education of pet professionals in the Midwest since 1993. The APC certifies pet professionals in the fields of dog grooming, dog training, and animal behavior. All programs in the dog grooming school and dog training school are hands-on. In addition, each student learns in a real work environment. For more information visit and follow the company on Facebook and Instagram.

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