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Job Posting: Awesome Pawsome Pet Spa (Ironton, MO)

Part-Time Dog Groomer (W-2 Commissioned) Job Description Awesome Pawsome Pet Spa is looking for an experienced pet stylist or recent grooming graduate who doesn’t mind working with large breeds. No nights or weekends required. Quality over quantity is a must. Part time to start but may lead to full time. Compensation: 50% Commission Desired Start…

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The Power of Happy Visits

Happy Visits Image, The Academy of Pet Careers

Is your dog afraid to go to the vet’s office or grooming salon? Do they resist going through the door? Does she pant, pace or drool? Does she suddenly start shedding while waiting in the lobby? You and your dog are not alone. And when one dog is fearful, they exude stress hormones which every…

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Job Posting: Ruff-Inn-It (Mt. Zion, IL)

Ruff-Inn-It Building Image

Full-Time Dog Groomer Job Description Ruff-Inn-It is hiring for a dog/cat grooming position in their busy boarding facility. They need a second groomer. There are a lot of boarding clients looking for grooming so you can just walk in and groom. Compensation: Approximately $700 per week Desired Start Date: 8/6/2019 Contact Information Randy Doty 1555…

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Is Doggy Day Care Right For My Dog?

Doggy Day Care Image

Doggy day care is a growing trend for busy dog parents. It’s an excellent place for many dogs to socialize with other dogs, get exercise and burn energy while the humans are off at work. But, is doggy day care the right option for all dogs?   Dogs Who Would Benefit from Doggy Day Care…

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Scholarship Recipient Aspires to Start Her Own Service Dog Company

ST LOUIS, MO – July 17, 2019 – Cassandra Christensen was recently awarded the Hannelore Bugby Scholarship for Female Entrepreneurs by The Academy of Pet Careers. This scholarship is only offered once per year to a female student who shows ambition and aspires to start her own pet business. The ideal candidate is one who wishes…

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How Much Training Does A Dog Need?

How Much Training Does A Dog Need Image

You’ve decided to train your new (or existing) dog. You’re going to a weekly class. Or you have a trainer coming to your home. Or maybe you’re watching YouTube videos and working on your own. But how much time should you devote to training each day? And how much time should you devote to training…

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The Myth of Reinforcing Fear

Reinforcing Fear, The Academy of Pet Careers

The Myth of Reinforcing Fear There is a school of thought in the training world that says you shouldn’t comfort or give treats to a frightened dog because you are reinforcing fear. For example, if your dog is frightened while getting groomed, you should not stroke them or distract them with treats because this could…

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Job Posting: Got Your Six Support Dogs (Maryville, IL)

Got Your Six Support Dogs Logo, The Academy of Pet Careers

Part-Time Dog Trainer (Salary) Job Description Got Your Six Support Dogs is looking to hire a part-time dog trainer to work with veterans and their support dogs. Compensation: $12,000 – $15,000 Desired Start Date: 8/1/2019 Contact Information Nicole Lanahan 17 Schiber Court Unit A Maryville, IL 62062 Phone: (618)979-0916 Email: Website:   Dog…

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Noise Phobia in Dogs

Noise Phobia In Dogs, The Academy of Pet Careers

How to Help Your Dog’s Fear of Loud Noises Is your dog afraid of loud noises? Does she pant, pace, drool, shake, try to hide or try to escape whenever the thunder booms or the pops and bangs from fireworks happen? Noise phobia in dogs is a serious problem in some households. My dog used…

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Job Posting: Wagging Tails Trainer (Savannah, MO)

Part-Time Dog Trainer (W-2 Commissioned) Job Description Wagging Tails is looking to hire a part-time dog trainer. Apply for more details. Compensation: 50% Commission Desired Start Date: 8/1/2019 Contact Information Amber 104 South 5th Savannah, MO 64480 Phone: (816)324-0150 Email: Website:   Dog Training School In Missouri What Is Positive Reinforcement Training? How…

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