Business For Sale: G&G Veterinary Hospital (Sedalia, MO)

For Sale or Lease Building Description Retired veterinarian selling a very well maintained free standing all masonry 2260 sq ft facility, on a 100′ x 143′ lot.  Originally built as a small animal veterinary facility located in Central Missouri. Excellent location on a busy main thoroughfare in a friendly progressive 22K rural community, close to Columbia,…

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The New Hub for Pet Education in St. Louis

The Academy of Pet Careers Owners (Joseph Schifano, Paul Schfiano, Michael Schifano)

ST LOUIS, MO – January 15, 2019 – The AKC Museum of the Dog has been a landmark in St. Louis since 1995. Pet lovers from all around could come and enjoy the pet-friendly environment and learn from classes being held in their event space. Since the announcement of their closing in 2017, many pet education…

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5 Life Saving Skills Every Dog Should Know

Life Saving Skills Every Dog Should Know, The Academy of Pet Careers

I used to say there were four skills that every dog should know. These skills are truly life-saving skills and every dog owner will use these skills at some point during their dog’s life and it will be the thing that keeps their dog alive another day. What are these amazing, life-saving skills? Drop It…

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Service Dog Requirements: Can My Dog Be A Service Dog?

Service Dog Requirements, The Academy of Pet Careers

Many people want to make their dogs Service Dogs (SD) so that the dog can go to public places with them. It is actually illegal for someone who does not have a diagnosed disability (physical or mental) to have and use service dogs. There are many people with a true need who would benefit from…

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Job Posting: PetSmart (Kansas City, MO)

Petsmart, Kansas City, MO, The Academy of Pet Careers

Full-Time Dog Groomer (W-2 Wage) Job Description PetSmart is looking for an experienced dog groomer, that is good with customer service. Compensation: 50% commission with a guaranteed base hourly. Desired Start Date: 12/14/2018 Contact Information Allee Smith 8600 Ward Pkwy Kansas City, MO 64114 Phone: (816)363-3306 Email: Website:   Dog Grooming School in…

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Free Tuition For Displaced Vatterott Students

ST LOUIS, MO – December 18, 2018 – Yesterday, Vatterott College announced its closing, displacing hundreds of employees and thousands more students. In response, The Academy of Pet Careers is offering up to 5 Vatterott students free tuition to attend their pet career school in hopes that other educational facilities will follow their example. With this news,…

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On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals By Turid Rugaas

On Talking Terms With Dogs Calming Signals By Turid Rugaas

Book Summary Turid Rugaas does an excellent job in explaining the many subtle signals that dogs use to communicate when they are uncomfortable in social situations. These are referred to as calming signals. While she acknowledges that we don’t know if such signals are given with direct intent to communicate or if they are simply…

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How To Teach Your Dog To “Station”

Station Training Cue, The Academy of Pet Careers

One of the first skills students at our school learn to teach is Station. This skill can go by many names such as Place, Mat, Climb, Bed, etc. What you call it is up to you. Here at The Academy of Pet Careers we call it “Station.” First you must decide on a defined spot…

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What Is Clicker Training (Marker Training)?

What is Clicker Training Marker Training, The Academy of Pet Careers

Clicker training or Marker training is a very popular dog training method used around the world today. It was first used with killer whales at Sea World when the trainers were attempting to teach the whales to jump through the hoops high above the pool. You can’t really toss them a fish while they’re in…

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Do Dogs Like Hugs? Getting Consent to Pet

Do Dogs Like Hugs, The Academy of Pet Careers

If you’re a dog lover, you probably love to pet and cuddle your dog. And maybe every dog you meet. But does the dog want pets and cuddles? Often the answer will be “yes.” But sometimes, the answer will be “not right now.” And for some dogs the, answer may be a resounding “no thank…

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