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State Licensing for Dog Groomers and Trainers

State Licensing Image, The Academy of Pet Careers

Many states in the USA are looking into requiring licensing for groomers and for trainers. What is driving this perceived need for licensing? Owners want their dogs to be safe when they’re dropped off with the groomer, trainer, or other pet professional.   Many of these states started off with a story of an injury,…

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Speaker Series: Grisha Stewart

Grisha Stewart, Behavior Adjustment Training, The Academy of Pet Careers

  Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT 2.0) Check out the all-new Behavior Adjustment Training information in this Official BAT 2.0 seminar! Fighting is expensive for dogs. Instead of jumping directly into fighting, most dogs give distance-increasing signals, from subtle to overt. But many dogs have also learned to give up on the subtle signals and leap…

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Speaker Series: Mike Shikashio & Trish McMillan

Mike Shikashio, Trish McMillan, The Academy of Pet Careers

  Aggression In Dogs: Safety, Defensive Handling, and Training Michael Shikashio, CDBC and Trish McMillan MSc, CPDT-KA, ACCBC, CDBC will be presenting a two day workshop on safety, defensive handling, and the behavior modification techniques used with aggressive dogs. Attendees will learn what is needed before working with aggressive dogs, gain hands-on experience in defensive…

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Pet Career School Open House

Pet Career School Open House, The Academy of Pet Careers

We invite all pet lovers to join us for our Pet Career School Open House showing the different career paths available at The Academy of Pet Careers.   Join us to learn more about our hands-on programs, class schedule, job placement, online business course, housing, and…   …enter to win $5,000 towards tuition!   Presentation…

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Coping With Leash Reactivity

Leash Reactivity, The Academy of Pet Careers

Does your dog walk beautifully with you until he sees another dog or strange person or cat or car or skateboard or . . . anything else that suddenly appears? Those things that prompt your dog to over react are collectively called ‘triggers’. Does your dog start barking, growling, lunging and otherwise acting like they’ve…

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How To Teach Your Dog To “Back Up”

Back Up Cue, The Academy of Pet Careers

We spend a lot of time teaching our dogs to walk along side us. And we teach them to Sit or Down and Stay, or to go to their bed and lie down. But occasionally we need them to move out of our way which may require the dog to back up.   There are…

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Canine Conditioning Workshop

Canine Conditioning Workshop, Fitness With Fido, The Academy of Pet Careers

  By Fitness With Fido This 2 hr Canine Conditioning Workshop will be focusing on the dogs! We all go thru a range of exercises geared towards dogs to raise body awareness for the front & rear limbs, as well as their stabilizer muscles. We will work with a variety of equipment like the klimb,…

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Service Dog Requirements: Can My Dog Be A Service Dog?

Service Dog Requirements, The Academy of Pet Careers

Many people want to make their dogs Service Dogs (SD) so that the dog can go to public places with them. It is actually illegal for someone who does not have a diagnosed disability (physical or mental) to have and use service dogs. There are many people with a true need who would benefit from…

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