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Pet Tech: Pet CPR & First Aid Instructor Class

Pet Tech Logo, The Academy of Pet Careers

Become a Pet CPR & First Aid Instructor! Class Enrolling Now! Pet Tech® Instructor Training Curriculum • PetSaver™ Training • Instructor Candidate Pow-Wow • Marketing & Promoting the Pet Tech® Family of Programs • Pet Tech® Product Information • Instructor Requirements • Admin Policies & Procedures • Teaching Techniques • Lecture Presentation and Course Organization…

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Pet CPR & First Aid

Pet CPR & First Aid, Midwest Pet CPR

Learn The following Skills and receive a certificate in Pet CPR & First Aid: Canine and feline CPR (3 different techniques) Rescue breathing Choking management Knowing and assessing your pet’s vitals Bleeding protocols Insect bites, stings, and snake bites Seizure management Poison protocols Heat and cold injuries Shock management Muzzling and restraining techniques Snout to…

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Pet CPR & First Aid Class

pet cpr and first aid

Canine and feline CPR (3 different techniques), rescue breathing, choking management, knowing and assessing your pet’s vitals, bleeding protocols, insect bites/ stings, snake bites, seizure management, poison protocols, heat and cold injuries, shock management, muzzling and restraining techniques, snout to tail assessment, what to carry in your pet’s first aid kit, and more

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