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How To Teach Your Dog Stairs

Stair Training, The Academy Of Pet Careers

Does your dog try to race you up or down the stairs? Do you worry that they’ll trip you and you’ll fall? Would you love it if your dog walked politely with you on the stairs or, if you’re at home, would hold position at the top or bottom until you give them permission to…

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How To Teach Your Dog To “Station”

Station Training Cue, The Academy of Pet Careers

One of the first skills students at our school learn to teach is Station. This skill can go by many names such as Place, Mat, Climb, Bed, etc. What you call it is up to you. Here at The Academy of Pet Careers we call it “Station.” First you must decide on a defined spot…

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Simple Training That Could Save Your Dog’s Life

Save your dog's life

Some people love teaching their dogs all sorts of fun and silly tricks, while others prefer to live with their dogs simply and without any formal training. Whatever your attitude on formal training, there are some commands that every dog should know because it may save her life. While dogs are clever and extremely adaptable,…

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Training Cue: “Come”

Teach a dog to come

A recall or “come” cue should be trained from the moment you bring your new dog home. This is another fundamental skill that you will find helpful in everyday life. Recalls aren’t only helpful with wandering dogs, but also as a simple tool to elicit attention in an undesirable situation. It can be helpful in…

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Training Cue: “Sit”

Teach a dog to sit

“Sit” is commonly one of the first skills taught to new dogs, because it is easy for a dog to learn and is a well-known behavior to society. We consider “sit” a fundamental behavior and it should be taught right away. Basic commands like this will help with other more complicated training in the future.…

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