The New Hub for Pet Education in St. Louis

The Academy of Pet Careers Owners (Joseph Schifano, Paul Schfiano, Michael Schifano)

ST LOUIS, MO – January 15, 2019 – The AKC Museum of the Dog has been a landmark in St. Louis since 1995. Pet lovers from all around could come and enjoy the pet-friendly environment and learn from classes being held in their event space. Since the announcement of their closing in 2017, many pet education classes were left with no place to go. The Academy of Pet Careers noticed this need and has made the decision to provide a free event space to pet friendly classes and seminars.


“It was like a flood of requests for pet-friendly space that we had never seen,” Joseph Schifano (APC President) stated.


All at once businesses began to reach out, desperate for a place to provide their classes and keep their clientele in the St. Louis area.


With the goal of becoming the new hub for pet education in St. Louis, The Academy of Pet Careers made the decision to offer free space to these businesses. Currently, businesses such as Fitness with Fido, Ash & Oak Canine Massage, and Conformation by Cole are providing regular classes out of their Chesterfield Location.


“The community response has been surprising.” Mr. Schifano elaborates. “We had no idea there was this kind of demand for pet friendly classes and activities.”


Since offering their space, The Academy of Pet Careers has added a national speaker series to attract to the St. Louis market other pet professionals to help satisfy the need for more education. These classes range from $30 per class to $300 and can be a few hours long, up to 2 days.


You can find out more about upcoming events and seminars on their event calendar. For more information on space availability and requirements to host, you can contact Jennifer Schifano at [email protected] or call (636)489-5356.

About The Academy of Pet Careers

The Academy of Pet Careers (APC) has led the education of pet professionals in the Midwest since 1993. The APC certifies pet professionals in the fields of dog grooming, dog training, and animal behavior. All programs in the dog grooming school and dog training school are hands-on. In addition, each student learns in a real work environment. For more information visit and follow the company on Facebook and Instagram.

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