Veterinary Assistant Salary

The role of a veterinary assistant offers a unique opportunity to work in the veterinary field with little to no experience. Traditionally, a veterinary assistant was considered a low-level position, aiding both the veterinarians and vet techs in their daily duties. This job of a vet assistant has evolved, allowing them to do almost anything a vet tech can do. Because of this, the average veterinary assistant salary in the US isn't much lower than that of a licensed vet tech.


Average Veterinary Assistant Salary

According to, the average veterinary assistant salary in the US is $31,567 per year. On the high end of the spectrum, some vet assistants make as much as $42,000 per year.


Average Vet Tech Salary

Compared to your vet techs who must attend 2-4 years of school, veterinary assistants fall just short. An article by US News in 2017 stated that the average vet tech in the US makes $33,400 per year. This is only $1 per hour more on average that your veterinary assistants.


To Future of the Industry

As the industry is evolving, we are seeing a higher demand for educated veterinary assistants to fill a need not being met. The demand for both licensed vet techs and veterinary assistants is high and either of these roles can put you in a position that offers a stable career in an industry that is only growing.

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