Dog Training School in Missouri

The dog training school at The Academy of Pet Careers offers a range of professional dog training certifications. Depending on your career goals, we have dog training courses for every level. We teach basic obedience to get your foot in the door, or advanced techniques that will set you apart from the competition.

Our focus is different than most dog training schools. We are not only here to help you become a dog trainer, but to show you the path to finding your ‘fur-ever’ career. Because of this, our courses put your career goals first. Whether you wish to work for someone else or start your own pet business, we have an option for you.

Dog Training School near St. Louis, Missouri

Our Methodology: Positive Reinforcement Training

The Academy of Pet Careers teaches a reward-based methodology of training. As a result, our methods are force-free and do not use punishment to obtain a desired behavior. Rather, this methodology strengthens the human-pet bond and reduce the development of fear-driven behaviors. Most noteworthy, you are guaranteed to learn the most modern methods of training at the APC, and you will be on the leading edge of this exciting change. Learn more about Positive Reinforcement Training and why it is important by clicking here.

Become a Dog Trainer In...

Professional Dog Training

Our Professional Dog Trainer Certification gives students the knowledge and skill set to excel as a pet trainer. This course focuses on how to improve the lives of pets through obedience and behavior modification. We do this by focusing only on positive reinforcement methods to accomplish this goal. This dog trainer course is essential for anyone looking to become a professional dog trainer and have a stable income upon graduation.

Service Dog Training

This certification teaches students how to train mobility service dog skills. As an example, students will train skills such as retrieving objects, opening and closing doors, pressing buttons, and throwing objects in the trash. These skills are just a foundation. The skills learned should lead to be able to train any service dog skills.

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Scent Detection / Narcotic Detection

Most scent dog training schools focus on narcotic scent detection. Scent work is a skill that can apply to so much more. Our course teaches students the foundation and skills needed to detect any scent. We call this scent discrimination. You can apply this foundation to detection in narcotics, rodents, bed bugs, human search and rescue, cadaver, and many more. It is up to you to decide.

Dog Training Programs

Professional Dog Trainer

50 Days
  • A Trainer's Toolkit
  • 30+ Basic & Intermediate Skills
  • Basic Tricks
  • Luring/Shaping/Capturing
  • Troubleshooting & Skill Maintenance
  • Solving Common Unwanted Behaviors
  • Creating a Training Plan
  • Training Packages & Group Class Instruction
  • Client Evaluation & Communication Skills
  • Starting a Training Business
  • Canine Learning Theory
  • Canine Communication & Body Language
  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Testing
  • Pet First Aid & CPR

Specialized Dog Trainer

90 Days
  • Everything Included in Professional Dog Trainer
  • Formal Training Skills
  • Advanced Skills
  • Advanced (Chained) Tricks
  • Husbandry Skills
  • Nose Work/Scent Discrimination
  • Mobility Service Dog Skills
  • Psychiatric Service Dog Skills
  • Public Access Testing

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How Much Do Dog Trainers Make?

The average dog trainer salary ranges in value, but is much higher than most pet professionals.  In the pet industry, there are very few actual professions. As a result, if you become a dog trainer, you will be in the top percentage of pet professionals, up there with veterinarians and groomers.  Similar to pet groomers and vet techs, dog trainers can make a significant wage. It varies nationally but many dog trainers are making $15 and up.

The true potential of dog trainers comes from their ability to lead or run their own business. Leadership positions in the pet industry can pay anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000, depending on your role and the success of the business. Those trainers who choose to start their own pet business can make even more!

Why Attend A Dog Training School?

We know you have many options for dog training education. It is important for you to understand and appreciate the benefits of each option. Firstly, an online education can offer a speedy education and the convenience of learning from home. Next, finding a mentor is a cheap alternative to a formal education. But a hands-on course will always be the most comprehensive education you can find.

Listed below are a few of the reasons why the best dog training courses are hands-on:

  • They are more comprehensive than a book or online education.
  • Courses can be customized to you and your learning style.
  • Classes are organized and efficient to fast track your education.
  • You learn from professionals who know how to teach.
  • They are more fun!

Reasons to Become a Dog Trainer

Communicating with Pets

Students will get a formal education in canine communication when they attend school. The biggest failure humans repeat as pet guardians is the failure to learn how animals communicate.  If humans took the time to understand animal communication, they would open doors to relationships that are priceless.  Most importantly, when people are uneducated about animal communication, the resulting helplessness causes serious frustration for both the person and the pet.

Job Versatility

When pursuing a career in pet training, the options seem endless. Dog training careers can be found in many niches of the pet care industry, from working in a kennel to helping with rescue organizations.  Often these can lead to management opportunities. Others will look to work as traditional pet trainers, training service dogs, protection dogs, narcotic dogs or dogs for other forms of scent detection, like bed bugs. A dog training school certificate only helps to strengthen your chances of landing one of these jobs.

Start Your Own Pet Business

If you desire to be your own boss, dog training may be the very best way to enter the pet care arena.  With very little up-front capital and financial risk, dog trainers have what seem to be endless options to utilize their profession earning income.

Dog Training School You Can Trust

You deserve to learn from the best. That is why Academy of Pet Careers offers the most comprehensive dog training certification in the area. Our education is designed to help you succeed. We want nothing more for you to graduate, get a job, and thrive in a career you will love. Our curriculum was created to make you more desirable to employers. We have done this by including many different methods and skills. Whether you wish to learn traditional training, or use more modern techniques, you will be able to excel in either arena.

Our school is lead and backed by pet professionals who have been in the industry for decades. Each one of our instructors has worked in the field or ran their own training business, so you know you will get a real world educational experience. Leadership continues to own and run some of the most successful pet service businesses in the area.

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