Employer Opportunities

Currently hiring or planning for future growth? Do you find it difficult to hire or keep competent and dependable pet professionals?  Would you like to have a steady flow of skilled employees?

At The Academy of Pet Careers (APC), we understand the difficulties of hiring quality staff, so we have developed systems to help you find the right people. All of our graduates are highly sought after by facilities throughout the Midwest. The APC has been educating pet professionals since 1993, and all of our instruction is hands-on, in a real working environment.

Option 1: Job Posting

This is our most common option. We can post your job on our job board as well as send it out to local graduates. Because of the popularity with this option, there is a lot of competition for our graduates. This is why we offer options 1 and 2. 

Option 2: Send Us Your Untrained Employees

Often times companies have a great employee but they are lacking in the technical skills needed to become a great pet professional. Send them to the APC and we can have them trained in just 5 months. All of our students learn core animal behavior skills and practices that follow our Pet Empowerment philosophies. We offer a 25% discount to employers who want to sponsor an employee to attend school. 

Option 3: Externship Opportunities

Although not required, all of our students are recommended to do an externship after graduating one of our programs. This helps them fine tune their skills and often leads to employment. If you'd like to be one of our limited externship opportunities, you could have first pick from our pool of graduates as they complete their programs. 

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