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Locate a certified professional dog groomer in your area. All groomers listed below are graduates of The Academy of Pet Careers and specialize in cooperative care and techniques that focus on Pet Empowerment. Whether you are looking for a quick bath or full breed trim, our groomers can help.

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APC Dog Grooming Certifications

Groomers with the certificate of Bather/Brusher (APC-BB) have shown proficiency in bathing, drying, and basic scissor skills and are ready for an entry level position in a salon.

Groomers with the certificate of Assistant Pet Groomer (APC-AG) have taken their education one step further and are proficient in popular maintenance grooms, all over trims, and shave downs.

Groomers with the certificate of Professional Pet Groomer (APC-PPG) have received our top education. These groomers are proficient in breed specific trims and advanced scissoring techniques.

Force Free Pet Groomers

At The Academy of Pet Careers, we educate all our groomers to use force free, positive reinforcement-based methods. Our students learn to acclimate pets to the grooming experience slowly and without extreme restraint. Using these methods, APC-educated groomers keep their clients happy, healthy, and comfortable.

How to Choose a Groomer

The right groomer is knowledgeable about animal behavior, familiar with different breeds and coat types, and eager to communicate with you, the owner. Not only will they help your dog look and feel amazing, but they’ll also provide advice for keeping your pet’s coat and skin healthy.

Kinds of Groomers

Most groomers are familiar with a variety of breeds, coat types, and styles. However, some pets require specialized grooming.

Most pets are looking for a standard maintenance groom with the occasional flare. If you fit into this category, you should be looking for a pet groomer. Most groomers specialize in pet grooming and can be found in most salons, pet hotels, or pet retail stores.

If your pet is competing in a show, you might need a show groomer who knows how to perform AKC-approved cuts and styles. Some breeds (like poodles) require precise shaping before a show.

If your feline friend needs grooming, seek out a cat groomer. Some general groomers won’t work with cats, as acclimating them to the grooming experience takes more time and a quiet environment. Be sure to ask your groomer if they have experience with cats before booking your pet’s appointment.

Finally, there are creative groomers, who specialize in creative dyes and cuts. Creative grooming is becoming more and more popular among pet parents and professionals alike. Ask your groomer if it’s a service they offer and what kind of look they recommend for your dog.

Certified vs. Licensed Dog Groomers

Currently, no US states require that professional groomers be licensed. There are, however, many organizations that offer certifications for groomers. All of our graduates receive a Certification in Professional Grooming, and many go on to seek additional certifications. In the grooming industry, it’s more important that groomers receive a thorough hands-on education and get plenty of pet-handling experience before setting off on their careers.

Grooming Salons vs. Mobile Groomers

Most pet owners use either grooming salons or mobile groomers. Grooming salons are very similar to human salons. You take your pet to the salon, speak with the groomer about how you want your pet groomed, and then pick your pet up after their groom is done. Most salons employ several groomers and serve all sorts of breeds.

Mobile grooming is another option, and it’s becoming more popular. Mobile groomers drive vans or box trucks equipped with tubs, dryers, and grooming tables. They come to your home, groom your pet in the truck, and return them to you when they’re done. It’s a great option for pets who are nervous around other pets or need more one-on-one attention while they get comfortable with the grooming process.

Some groomers are willing to do house calls, which can be a great option for senior, special needs, or extremely anxious pets. Be sure to communicate with your groomer if this is a service your pet needs.

Why Choose Pet Empowerment

At The Academy of Pet Careers, all of our students and instructors take the Pet Empowerment Pledge. In doing so, they promise to…

  • Practice The Safe Handling of Pets.
  • Treat Pets With Respect and Consider the Human-Pet Bond.
  • Give Pets A Choice, So Long as They Are Safe.
  • Promote Confidence and Independence in pets.
  • Consider A Pet's Mental, Physical, And Emotional Needs.
  • Have Patience and An Unconditional Love for All Pets.
  • Prevent And Minimize Fear, Anxiety, And Stress in Pets.
  • Report Animal Abuse and Neglect.

We believe in treating pets not as property but as members of the family. When you choose an APC-educated dog groomer, you can be sure they are keeping your pet’s best interests in mind.

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