Grooming Demo Dog Program

The Academy of Pet Careers offers affordable pet grooming through our Grooming Demo Dog Program. Our school curriculum includes teaching specific breed trims to our advanced grooming students. Dogs accepted into this program will act as demo dogs for students in their final session of school and overseen by instructors. This opportunity creates an affordable dog grooming experience for local families in the St. Charles and St. Louis area.

Grooming Demo Dog Program, The Academy of Pet Careers

This discounted grooming program offers up to 50% OFF normal grooming services for qualified dogs. Rates vary per breed but range from $25 - $45 per trim. All trims include a haircut, bath, brush out, nail trim and ear cleaning. Additional services are available upon request.

Who Qualifies for Our Grooming Demo Dog Program?

We are looking for the following breeds of dogs and a commitment to receive regular grooming every 6 weeks. If your dog is a mixed breed or is not listed below, and has a long coat that needs trimming, contact us to find out if you can still be included in the Demo Dog Program.

Toy/Small Breeds - $25

  • Cavalier King Charles
  • Toy Poodle
  • Cairn Terrier
  • West Highland Terrier (Westie)
  • Scottish Terrier

Medium Breeds - $35

  • Schnauzer
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Bichon Frise
  • Miniature Poodle
  • Wire Fox Terrier
  • Welch Terrier
  • English Springer

Large Breeds - $45

  • Standard Poodles
  • Standard Schnauzer
  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
  • Bouvier
  • Irish Setter
  • Gordon Setter
  • Portuguese Water Dog
  • Airedale Terrier

Grooming Demo Dog Program Application

Spaces are limited, so if you are interested in applying for our discounted grooming program, please fill out this form.

Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email followed by a call from one of our school representatives. During this call we may have some follow up questions about your dog and it's grooming needs.

This program is a great opportunity for pet owners but not all dogs will be accepted. Fill out the form to see if you are eligible.

Affordable Pet Grooming You Can Trust

The Academy of Pet Careers is one of the nation’s leading educators in the pet grooming industry as well as a provider of discounted dog grooming in St. Charles, MO.  Our grooming graduates have gone on to own and manage many of the leading grooming salons in the greater St. Louis area and across the country. Because we limit our class sizes, our instructors are working hands-on with each student, giving you the peace of mind that you will receive affordable pet grooming without sacrificing quality.

Our team of instructors include an ISCC Certified Master Groomer with 16 years of instructing experience, who is there to ensure the quality of each groom before the dog returns home.

Benefits of Regular Bathing & Dog Grooming

Did you know that regular bathing and grooming for your pet leads to healthier skin and coat? Our Grooming Salon knows all the benefits of grooming, including that keeping your pet’s nails trimmed and comfortable protect both you, and your floors at home. Here are some other benefits of regular grooming:

  • Reduces the amount of hair and shedding left behind by your pet
  • Prevents potential medical problems such as hot spots, skin irritations, and ear infections
  • Saves you valuable time and energy in your busy schedule
  • Done properly, regular visits can help your pet become accustomed to the grooming experience and learn to enjoy it