TFC Tuition Loans

Some students may require more time to make full payment on their education. The APC is partnered with TFC Tuition to provide our students with customized payment plans designed for success after graduation. Loan terms are determined by program cost, length of loan, and risk factor.

All financing options are designed to set our students up for success with minimal down payment and reduces payments while in school.

Before you can fill out your Loan Application, we require you to submit your Enrollment Application and pay your $50 application fee. If you haven't done so, please click here to get started.

If you would prefer to fill out a paper application, you may contact the admissions department at [email protected] to receive a paper copy or you may stop by school to fill it out in person.

Application Outcomes

Upon completion of the loan application, we will reach out with one of three responses: ACCEPTED, REJECTED, or INCOMPLETE.

An INCOMPLETE status simply means more information is needed to complete the process. REJECTED statuses are not final. In many cases, we will work with applicants to come up with an option that is better suited for their financial situation. We may suggest attending a shorter program or bringing on a co-signer to improve your odds of approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before enrollment, students will be required to pay a minimum down payment. For in-person programs, the down payment is 10% of tuition plus equipment. For online, it is the cost of equipment. Down payments can range anywhere between $400 and $2,500, depending on the program and if it is in-person or online. 

The loan will cover all tuition expenses. The only things not included in the loan are equipment and housing. Students will be responsible for the full amount of equipment before starting school and will make housing payments throughout their program.

TFC offers multiple payment options, but to receive a loan of The Academy of Pet Careers, students are require to setup Auto-Pay which requires the use of a credit/debit card or ACH debit.

Credit reports are not required to receive a TFC student loan. At the discretion of the school, a credit report may be requested in order to approve a loan application.  

All TFC loans require a cosigner. This is typically a parent, grandparent or spouse but could be anyone over the age of 18 willing to share in the financial responsibility.

Students applying for an TFC Loan are still eligible for scholarships, but discounts will not apply. Scholarships, as well as days tested out of school, will reduce the program tuition cost, but will not apply to the down payment requirement to receive a TFC loan.

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