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Dog Grooming School

Learn about our dog grooming courses and how you can become a certified dog groomer in as little as four weeks. Teachings include everything from bathing and brushing to breed trims. 

Dog Training School

Our dog training certifications teach everything from basic obedience to scent detection and service dog training, so find out how you can become a dog trainer today...


We offer dual-certificates to those who desire a knowledge in both dog training and dog grooming, because many of our graduates choose to start their own pet business or desire to be leaders in the industry.

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Looking For A Career Change?

If you are curious about a career working with animals, The Academy of Pet Careers is here to help. The demand for certified dog groomers and dog trainers is growing and the industry is in desperate need of professionals. All our programs offer flexible scheduling and open enrollment, so you can start a new career in no time!

Want To Start A Pet Business?

Graduates of our dog training and grooming courses often start their own business. With the proper education and experience, starting a pet business can be as easy as finding your first client. No matter what your goals, education plays an important role in finding success. Check out how we can help you jump start your pet business today...

Dog Training School in Missouri, dog training jobs

Our Philosophy

The Academy of Pet Careers teaches skills and techniques that empower pets. Pet Empowerment is all about understanding the psychology of fear in pets so that we can better serve them. Because of this desire to help, our passion at the APC is in improving the quality and standard of care in the pet industry. Every day, pets are taken to their vet, groom salon, or doggy daycare for socialization. They deal with fears and anxiety that most pet professionals don’t know how to recognize.

Latest News and Information

Dog Car Safety Tips

May 7, 2018

Who hasn’t chuckled at the pure joy in the flapping jowls and whipped back ears of a dog with her head stuck out a car window? Many dogs absolutely love riding in the car. Not only is it a vessel to new and exciting destinations, it offers a stimulating rush of experiences on the way.…

Simple Training That Could Save Your Dog’s Life

May 7, 2018

Some people love teaching their dogs all sorts of fun and silly tricks, while others prefer to live with their dogs simply and without any formal training. Whatever your attitude on formal training, there are some commands that every dog should know because it may save her life. While dogs are clever and extremely adaptable,…

Introducing A New Pet To The Family

May 7, 2018

Pets are members of the family, and adding a new one is a lifelong commitment. Needless to say, this is a huge decision that should not be made lightly or on a whim. Neither should you choose a new pet out of sympathy for the animal. If you want to help an animal in need,…