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Pet Business School

Welcome to the nations first Pet Business School! Because of the amount of requests from students, we have created online business classes to help you succeed. Whatever your profession, (dog grooming, dog training, pet sitting, etc.) the skills and knowledge needed to run a successful business are the same.

The owners of The Academy of Pet Careers have been in the pet care industry for over 30 years. This means that our experience as successful business owners and educators puts us in a unique position to help you find success.

Pet Business School

Whether you are just starting the planning process or your business is already operational, our business courses can help you grow. Below is a list of our current business courses, and more are in development. Please contact us with any questions or if you desire to learn more.

Creating A Strategic Plan

As business owners, we are always looking for ways to improve. Often, we get distracted by "shiny" opportunities, or the daily management of our business. Strategic planning is all about stepping back with the purpose of coming up with the best long-term strategy for growth.

Strategic planning is different than a business plan.

Business plans focus on taking your idea to the bank and finding investors. Because of this, they are thought out and comprehensive, but they are sales oriented in nature.

A strategic plan is all about YOU and creating long-term success for your business.

For that reason, each student may get something different out of strategic planning. The process is designed to walk you through the thought process, giving you clarity and a better understanding of your goals. Until you do this, you can never fully understand your business or where the best opportunities may lie.

Creating A Strategic Plan

  • The Importance of Strategic Planning
  • Defining Your Company Vision
  • Selecting Your Opportunities
  • Setting Goals & Milestones
  • Tracking Your Financial Goals
  • Building Your Business Assets
  • Systematizing Your Business
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Developing an HR Plan
  • Putting Your Plan Into Action

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Other Business Resources

Business Coaching

Jump start your business by signing up for one-on-one coaching with our business consultant. Joe Schifano has managed and operated a multi-million dollar pet care facility for the past decade. With experience in boarding, day care, grooming, and training, his expertise is guaranteed to help you find success.


Designed for pet business owners, we have created a community that brings together the most comprehensive knowledge in pet care. Learn from others in your industry, find a mentor, share ideas, or browse endless resources to help your business succeed. Learn More

Dual-Certificate Programs

Diversify your studies through one of our Dual-Certificate Programs. We have designed these programs for business owners and leaders. Learn a combination of skills in dog grooming, dog training, animal behavior, and business. Learn More

About Our Instructor

Joseph Schifano - Business Coach/Instructor

Joseph Schifano is the President and owner of The Academy of Pet Careers. His experience in the pet care industry spans over a decade. As a third-generation owner of Petropolis Pet Resort, Joseph has experienced every aspect of managing a pet business, from doggy day care to marketing and sales.

Above all, his goal is to educate the community of pet businesses on best practices to succeed in this competitive industry.

Joseph Schifano

Joseph graduated with a business degree from Elon University and quickly moved into leadership at Petropolis. His focus on business strategy, combined with his love for animals, has allowed him to successfully run a pet service business that earns multiple seven figures in revenue per year. When Petropolis opened its doors in 1988, it was the first all-inclusive, indoor pet hotel in the nation. With Joseph's help, Petropolis has been recognized with the following awards:

  • “Best Large Pet Hotel in The Nation” – Groom and Board Magazine
  • “Future 50 Business Award” – St. Louis Small Business Monthly
  • “Best of St. Louis” – River Front Times

Furthermore, Joseph took over leadership of The Academy of Pet Careers in 2015. He has taken the school in an exciting direction, focusing more on business skills and professional success. Currently, he is creating new business courses as well as offering one-on-one business coaching to select students.