Preferred Hiring Partners

Join our community of Preferred Hiring Partners (PHP) and be first in line to hire qualified pet professionals in your area. Whether you are actively hiring or already well staffed, joining our network can help you more proactively find quality staff. Fill out the form to join our free listing or read about other ways we can help you find your dream employee.

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Partner Benefits

Priority Listing

Our Preferred Hiring Partner directory is the first place we send our graduates, so you are guaranteed to be front of mind for graduates in your local area.

Student Sponsorship

The only guaranteed way to get your dream employee. Sponsor an employee with a proven track record and let us train them for you. All employer contributions are matched by the APC, providing up to a 50% discount.

Guest Speaking Opportunities

The best way to get in front of active students is to stop in for a visit and speak to our student body. This puts you front of mind and has been proven to win over job-seeking graduates.

Event Access

For businesses local to the St. Louis area, our PHPs are the first to get invited to APC hosted events. From pet parent events to trade expos and seminars, there are always exciting things happening at the APC.

Discounted Online Education

Employees of PHPs are eligible for a 50% discount on all online programs. This is an ideal opportunity for full-time employees who want to work while getting certified. Currently, we offer an Online Dog Training Program.

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