Study Abroad: Street Dogs of Mexico

It is not often we get to immerse ourselves in another pet culture. To fully understand how a dog thinks, it is important to step out of our usual train of thought and see how dogs behave in different environments and circumstances. By exploring the street dogs of Puerto Penasco, Mexico, students will spend a full week learning about animal behavior, Mexican dog culture, and the challenges some countries have dealing with dog overpopulation.

Program Dates

September 16th - 22nd (Enrolling Now!)

Spring 2019 (Coming Soon)

Fall 2019 (Coming Soon)

Mexico Street Dog

What's Included...

This study abroad program will do a deep dive into how the environment impacts the behavior of dogs. You will learn how street dogs in Mexico differ from domesticated dogs in the U.S., and you will determine if these dogs are more or less enriched than what we experience in the states. This program will give you a better understanding of dog psychology and how domestication has played a role in the development of certain behaviors.

Join us in exploring the barrios (neighborhoods) where many street dogs live. Take a ride with animal control as they investigate common animal behavior issues. Learn how different environments affect behavior by visiting locations such as the city dump, tourist hotspots, local neighborhoods, and rescue groups.


Each trip will include a chance to give back to the community and help to improve the living conditions of these street dogs. The Academy of Pet Careers will donate money on behalf of each student who attends, with the goals of purchasing dog food and pet supplies for local rescues, and funding local organizations to help spay and neuter pets belonging to underprivileged families.

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