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All veterinary assistants listed below have met the standard of The Academy of Pet Careers and our mission of Pet Empowerment. If you are a graduate looking to update your listing, please fill out a Directory Update Form.

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Keith Faulkner
Veterinary Assistant (APC-VA)
Kyra Barrett
Veterinary Assistant (APC-VA)
Lisa Sallee
Veterinary Assistant (APC-VA)
Rachel Stoddart
Veterinary Assistant (APC-VA)
Rebecca Sheldon
Veterinary Assistant (APC-VA)
Sara Ramadan
Veterinary Assistant (APC-VA)
Sarah King
Veterinary Assistant (APC-VA)
Shelby Welch
Veterinary Assistant (APC-VA)
Ashley McWilliams
Veterinary Assistant (APC-VA)
Blackwell, Missouri 6248.41 mi

Certified Vet Assistants in Missouri

At The Academy of Pet Careers, we educate all our vet assistance to use force-free, positive reinforcement-based methods. Our students learn to acclimate pets to examinations slowly and without extreme restraint. Using these methods, APC-educated vet assistants keep their clients happy, healthy, and comfortable.

Classroom & Hands-On Experience

Our students receive an in-depth education including both classroom and hands-on experience. By the time they graduate, our students will have learned how to and demonstrated proficiency in…

  • Providing for the husbandry needs for animals in the clinic or hospital’s care.
  • Assisting veterinarians in exams, surgeries, and other procedures.
  • Taking patients’ vitals, administer medication, and care for hospitalized animals.
  • Communicating with pet owners about their animals’ needs and health concerns.

There is no school for vet assistants in Missouri more dedicated to preparing their students for their careers.

Why Choose Pet Empowerment

At The Academy of Pet Careers, all of our students and instructors take the Pet Empowerment Pledge. In doing so, they promise to…

  • Practice The Safe Handling of Pets.
  • Treat Pets With Respect and Consider the Human-Pet Bond.
  • Give Pets A Choice, So Long as They Are Safe.
  • Promote Confidence and Independence in pets.
  • Consider A Pet's Mental, Physical, And Emotional Needs.
  • Have Patience and An Unconditional Love for All Pets.
  • Prevent And Minimize Fear, Anxiety, And Stress in Pets.
  • Report Animal Abuse and Neglect.

We believe in treating pets not as property but as members of the family. When you choose an APC-educated groomer, you can be sure they are keeping your pet’s best interests in mind.

Want to become a vet assistant? Take the first step today!

Our hands-on program is designed to provide you with the classroom and practical education you need to jumpstart your vet assisting career. Complete the form below for more information, or to book a tour of our Missouri facility.

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