Dog Grooming Student Testimonials

Check out what graduates of our dog grooming school have to say about their experience and see how the APC has helped them turn their passion for animals into a pet career.

The following graduates attended one of our in-person dog grooming programs. Learn more about our grooming program options and how we can help you get started in a grooming career.

Atalya Robinson Headshot

Atalya Robinson (Professional Pet Groomer) - 2023

"I use to want to be a veterinarian. I decided that path was no longer for me, but I still wanted to work with animals and do something creative. That is why I chose grooming."

"My instructors were the best part of my experience at the APC. They always encouraged me and made me comfortable. They also tailored their teaching style to me and other students. They were very good at helping students learn and be successful on their terms."

"I work at a pet store called Pet Supplies Plus as a groomer. I have been working here since April 2023. The highlight of my job is seeing my clients reactions to their pup's first groom. They always love it."

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Yingli Li (Professional Pet Groomer) - 2023

"I have always been attracted to animals and seem to have an uncommon connection to dogs. My time at the Academy of Pet Careers was filled with lovable teachers, practical learning and pure joy!"

"I was able to learn and become confident in grooming, bathing and generally working with a wide variety of dog breeds. APC was informative, supportive, and encouraging."

Lacey Mannahan Headshot

Lacey Mannahan (Professional Pet Groomer) - 2023

"I have loved animals forever, I’ve always had dogs and cats. I was working a factory job of course the night shift and something just clicked in my mind that I would be great at grooming. I did my research and set my goals to complete the program. Although it wasn’t easy I made it and I couldn’t more proud of myself for doing this, especially at the age of 30!!!"

"They gave me the tools and the guidance I needed to fulfill my passion. If it wasn’t for the APC team I’m not sure I would have made it through. Even though I’m still learning outside of school they are here to help me with my needs."

Daetin Wagner Headshot

Daetin Wagner (Professional Pet Groomer) - 2022

"I realized I wanted to be a dog groomer because I have an elderly dog named “Mookie” she was very uncooperative with other groomers. I am one of few people she would allow to groom her. So I figured if I was able to handle my “grumpy old dog” I could handle anyone’s grumpy old dog. So I took the APC professional grooming class so I could help other people with their older dogs. I have never turned down a client with a dog that was too “aggressive” or “elderly”. Learning how to work with frail and nervous dogs was my biggest take away from APC."

"I’m currently working at my local animal hospital as a professional groomer."

Hailey Runyon Headshot

Hailey Runyon (Professional Pet Groomer) - 2022

"After dropping out of a four year program, I took a couple years to rediscover my path. I was interested in dog grooming and after interning at a local business and visiting the school I was sold!"

"The biggest thing for me is the hands on learning. It was perfect for me to learn in that fashion. Actually learning with real dogs and seeing how it will be when you’re working is really helpful."

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James O'Neal (Professional Pet Groomer) - 2021

"I have loved animals my whole life and always knew I wanted to work with them in my future careers. I've spent many years volunteering and working with horses, exotics, and domestic animals such as dogs and cats. I was ready to see where else in this field I might fit in."

"The grooming program gave me all the skills I needed to start out as a successful and confident Pet stylist, as well as an in depth education of canine behavior which has been a critical tool in my career thus far."

"I am currently working as Petropolis Chesterfield as a Full-time Pet stylist."

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Amanda Andrews (Professional Pet Groomer) - 2020

"I’ve always loved animals, and my parents encouraged this passion since I was a child. My first job was as a Veterinary Assistant for 10 years."

"APC gave me the knowledge and confidence to enter my new field in animal care knowing I had more than just the basics. I learned not just grooming, but safe handling, skin care, proper brushing techniques, proper equipment cleaning and sanitizing, all things that are very important, on top of proper breed patterns and bathing!"

"I'm currently working as the only Professional Pet Groomer at a busy boarding/day camp facility."

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Amy Conley (Professional Pet Groomer) - 2020

"I have always loved animals. I had several of my own that needed frequent grooming and I could not find someone that I trusted with them so I figured why not learn how to groom them myself and then provide that service that I was looking for to other pet parents."

"Learning how to handle the difficult or aggressive dog, as well as observing their body language and learning how to interpret it was my biggest takeaway."

"I opened my own salon in 2021 after working in a corporate setting for a while to get some experience. I am able to provide a more one on one grooming experience for my clients which sets a more calm environment for the animals."

Avery Neumeister Headshot

Avery Neumeister (Professional Pet Groomer) - 2017

"I have always wanted to work with animals. Back in 2012 I was volunteering at an animal shelter. I would say that was my ah-ha moment because after that, that was what my goal was. That’s where I stumbled across on Academy of Pet careers. And that’s when I decided that I’m going to go to school for dog grooming. And this is what I was meant to do."

"The Academy of pet careers is hands on. I loved that because it helps me learn so much better. I didn’t know anything about dog grooming prior to going to school there and then when I left, I felt like I knew a fair chunk of what I was doing. I also took an Animal behavior class, and I think I use that knowledge from that class every day."

"The highlight of my job is the transformations. It’s amazing to get some dogs in who are either matted or just have lots of hair- and to be able to see the skills and transformation afterwards- it’s just very rewarding!"

Preston Gillam Headshot

Preston Gillam (Professional Pet Groomer) - 2016

"My grandpa suggested to me since I loved dogs I should open a pet grooming business in our town. I had just gotten laid off from my job I had been at for 8 years. The day after he made that suggestion I contacted the APC and the rest is history. I loved going to school and I still stay in touch with my instructors."

"The instructors were very patient and willing to help with any struggles I may have had. Mandy really went above and beyond for me. I really liked that you guys had dorms I could stay in throughout the week. If It weren't for that I couldn't have taken the course."

"I have been Pet Grooming since I graduated in 2016. I own my own business. I have 3 employees. I have also opened a boarding facility. I love everything about my job. I have met so many wonderful people and pets."

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Denise Wallace (Professional Pet Groomer) - 2015

"I work in corporate management for 16 years, and just decided that I want to do something more enjoyable. I loved my dogs, so after some research decided on being a Dog Groomer."

"APC helped me get the experience I needed with dogs and the valuable skills needed to become a Dog Groomer. I wouldn’t be able to have done it without going to school and getting the training and knowledge. School also help set up learning in the future by giving a good base."

"I’ve been a dog groomer for the last eight years now. I absolutely love to see the look on pet parents face when they see their pup all cleaned up. I’ve built a solid clientele. I’ve also been voted best Dog Groomer in a local magazine for the last six years. I absolutely love what I do."

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Kati Terrell (Professional Pet Groomer) - 2011

"The APC gave me all the fundamentals needed to go out and become a groomer. Of course I have learned several more things along the way, but it gave me a great start."

"I currently have 2 locations where I groom at both. One location we are in the process of remodeling a new building to add on the dog training. The other location we bought an old winery and turned it into boarding and grooming where we live on site."

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Jessica Neff (Professional Pet Groomer) - 1998

"I own Bandana's & Bows Grooming shop, I've owned my own shop for 24 years! I'm still active working part-time 2 days a week. Grooming is what I decided to do after working for the airlines for 23 years. I wish I would have started Grooming sooner because it's such a rewarding job. My daughter and I work together and we are very busy all the time. When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life! Although some days are definitely better than others, I've never regretted my 2nd career choice!"

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Angela Carter (Professional Pet Groomer) - 1997

"I had really low self esteem and no confidence. My goal was to have my own business. My instructor gave me the tools and encouragement to get past that and reach my goals."

"I have had my current business since 2016. I specialize in small dogs and do one on one grooming. The highlight of my job is getting to pamper multiple dogs on my own schedule. I still continue my education by attending as many classes at seminars and virtually as I can."