Do Dog Groomers Need To Be Licensed?

Do dog groomers need to be licensed?

Navigating the world of professional dog grooming can sometimes feel like trying to find a lost tennis ball in a bustling dog park. It's full of excitement, opportunities, and quite a few confusing terms to boot. One such term that tends to prick up the ears of aspiring groomers is the "dog groomer license".


While not currently a requirement in the industry, it's becoming a hot topic of discussion among professionals and lawmakers alike. So, buckle up, dog enthusiasts! This guide is here to fetch you all the essential insights into dog grooming licenses, and help you leap ahead in your tail-wagging career journey! 


Do Dog Groomers Need to Be Licensed? 


Presently, the dog grooming industry operates largely without the requirement of professional licenses. Unlike human hairstylists or barbers, dog groomers are free to wield their clippers and shears without needing an official document that testifies to their skills and knowledge. But why is this even a topic of discussion? Simple. It all boils down to the safety and well-being of our furry friends. 


Dog Groomer License vs. Certification 


When talking about professional credentials, two terms frequently crop up - licensing and certification. Licensing, granted by a governmental body, is a mandatory requirement for practicing certain professions. On the other hand, certification, usually granted by a professional organization or an educational institution like The Academy of Pet Careers, serves as a testament to one’s knowledge and skill in a specific area but is typically optional. 


What States Require a Dog Groomer License? 


As of now, no states require a license to practice dog grooming. However, a handful are mulling over the possibility, which could dramatically reshape the industry. New Jersey, for instance, introduced "Bijou's Law" in 2018, aiming to require licensure for pet groomers, but the bill is still pending. 


The Future of Licensing for Dog Groomers 


The winds of change are blowing. An increasing number of states are recognizing the need for a more regulated dog grooming industry, arguing that it will enhance service quality and ensure animal safety. Critics, however, caution against excessive red tape and potential barriers to entry for newcomers. 

As you venture into your dog grooming journey, remember that while a license isn't currently necessary, training and certification from institutions like The Academy of Pet Careers could set you apart. Stay informed about licensing developments and make choices that elevate your career! 

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