Vet Assisting Student Testimonials

Check out what graduates of our vet assisting school have to say about their experience and see how the APC has helped them turn their passion for animals into a pet career.

Mia Hernandez Headshot

Mia Hernandez (Veterinary Assistant) - 2023

"I’ve just always had that motivation since I was a little kid and when I got into high school I took zoology and medical classes which made my love for helping animals more specific."

"I loved how what the instructor taught in the class actually prepared us for the clinic, it was all information and skills we needed to know. Such as placing a catheter, medication names, and wrapping packs."

"I have just started as a Vet Assistant at a rehab clinic in O'Fallon, called Back on Track. It’s only been about 3 weeks, but I get to see laser, acupuncture, and UWT in use which is pretty cool"

Sam Sanders Headshot

Samantha Sanders (Veterinary Assistant) - 2023

"I gained a passion for science and medicine in 8th grade; I just combined that with my love of animals and just went from there. In my science class we had a lab day where we dissected a cow's eye after spending weeks learning the literal ins and outs of the eye. It was then that I knew I wanted to be in medicine! But I knew I didn't want to be a human nurse. I wanted to be in animal medicine!"

"I have moved to Hannibal, MO and I am currently in training at my new job at VCA Advanced Animal Hospital. I am under the guidance of the wonderful doctors Paul Sculley, DVM and Catherine Webb, DVM. My coworkers are like a family and are very helpful! They have taught me so many new things, and I can't wait to learn more. I've watched a TTA (Tibal Tuberosity Advancement) Rapid start to finish, and I've drawn blood for testing. I've restrained patients for a plethora of exams, a few ultrasounds, some blood draws, and learned about hands-free radiography (x-ray) restraint! I've drawn up many vaccines and dispensed many medications. I've also learned how to send out different types of samples to outside laboratories."

Ally Hecht Headshot

Ally Hecht (Veterinary Assistant) - 2022

"I think my "ah-ha" moment was when I was around 10 years old I got a Veterinarian role-playing costume and did exams on my own animals. I also think a huge influence on my love for animals was Steve Irwin. I always watched his shows with deep admiration. (Hopefully that doesn't show my age!)"

"I currently work at Animal Medical Center of Mid-America in Maryland Heights. I have been there for 2.5 years. I am currently work in the surgery department. The highlight of my job is making a difference is with every surgery I assist there is the potential to significantly improve an animal's health and quality of life. Seeing animals recover and go home happy is truly rewarding. The APC actually help me in my current role because while in the program we shadowed at AMCMA for a week getting hands on experience."

Rebecca Sheldon Headshot

Rebecca Sheldon (Veterinary Assistant) - 2021

"I’ve always loved and adored animals even when I was a small kid. I never had an aha moment I just fell into the career I am in Because of the nature of the things that I love."

"The APC helped me through the vet assistant certification process. I got so many hands-on skills in class that I then took with me to the clinic that I work at and applied them."

"I work at family pet Hospital in Sunset Hills as a certified vet assistant. We see regular vaccine appointments but we also get emergencies quite often. There are many highlights of my job, like seeing new puppy appointments and assisting in surgery."