Meet Our Instructors

Jan Starns – Head Grooming Instructor

• ISCC Certified Master Pet Stylist
• ISCC Certified Derma Tech Specialist
• Red Cross Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR
• Fear Free Certified

Jan is the APC’s head grooming instructor as well as our grooming guru. With 15 years of grooming experience, Jan is one of the few groomers with the title of “Master Pet Stylist”, given by the ISCC. Like many people who come to the pet industry, Jan was just looking for a career change that she would enjoy. She attended the APC and never left. Her favorite thing about the job is the animals, but she also likes that every day is different and here is always something new to learn.

Jan currently owns a beagle and two mutts, but she has always had many animals, including birds, cats, fish, ferrets, and other rodents. Jan’s dream is to visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and to do wildlife rehab.


Rob Schenberg – Head Training Instructor / Training Director

• Founder/Owner of the American Service Dog Association (ASDA)
• Owner of Scentry Solutions, LLC
• Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
• Canine Handler for the United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration

Rob is from St. Louis and is a dedicated husband and father of three wonderful daughters. Rob and his wife Susanne have been training and working together in the dog business for the last 15 years. His hobbies and passion have always been working with horses and dogs.

Rob’s training career started 32 years ago, as the owner of a private investigation and surveillance company, utilizing canine services. Since 1990, Rob has been a professional educator for dog obedience, behavior modification, Schutzhund titles, and scent detection. He also taught the National Narcotic Detector Dog Certification program and is currently a registered Canine Handler with the United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration.

In 1993, Rob established Scentry Solutions, LLC to provide corporate and personal drug searches, protection dog placements, police department training services, and consulting regarding legal issues. Following in 1998, Rob was one of the founders of American Service Dog Association, a charitable organization that, provides a wide range of service dogs to people with disabilities. Rob also volunteers for obedience demonstrations, public education programs on disability awareness, and search & rescue.


Susanne Schenberg – Training Instructor / Behavior Instructor

• Founder/Owner of the American Service Dog Association (ASDA)

Susanne was born in Switzerland, forming a love for dogs at an early age. Over the last 20 years Susanne has not only trained dogs but also actively worked with dogs in Narcotic searching, Search & Rescue, and Protection work. Working with “Working Dogs” has given Susanne a unique insight toward the value of an empowered dog that “wants” to work. This same experience has taught Susanne about the importance of the human/animal bond. Susanne is dedicated to applying the science of animal behavior using training techniques that empower dogs and strengthen the human/animal bond.

Susanne has been involved in many areas of pet care but found her true love of dog training while managing a local pet lodging and training establishment. There, Susanne helped to found the American Service Dog Association, a non-profit organization that trains service dogs for disabled people. Susanne is currently the Training Director for the ASDA and a board member.

For many years, Susanne has focused her approach using principles of Applied Animal Behavior. This advancing science uses a methodical hierarchy that prioritizes the use of enriching tools as an alternative to commonly used aversive techniques, resulting in a more empowered and enriched dog.