Free Pet Handling and Safety Education for Rescue Workers and Volunteers

ST LOUIS, MO – October 24, 2019 – Current news in the St. Louis area is shining a light on the harsh truths about working in the pet rescue field. Pet rescues and volunteers are challenged with providing quality care to pets without the resources and training to do it safely and humanely. It is the goal of The Academy of Pet Careers to provide pet rescue workers and volunteers the tools and education to safely handle and empower the pets in their care. Due to this high demand, starting on November 2nd, The Academy of Pet Careers will be offering FREE monthly pet safety and handling seminars to rescue workers and volunteers.


The goal of these classes are to provide pet rescue workers and volunteers the ability to read dog body language and learn the best practices to provide a safe and enriching experience for the pets. Too many cases of dog-on-dog or dog-on-human bites have occurred due to a lack of understanding of how dogs communicate. Attendees will learn how to recognize stress and fear in pets and understand when a bite may occur.


To learn more about the seminar or to reserve a seat, attendees can check out the event here:


At The Academy of Pet Careers, human and pet safety are the number one priority. Seminars like the one provided here can go a long way in preventing future bites in both shelters and the home.


Classes are taught by Jody Epstein, who has a master’s degree in Animal Behavior from Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Ms. Epstein is also a Fear Free™ Certified Professional Trainer and Certified Behavior Consultant .


The Academy of Pet Careers has been providing pet career education for over 26 years. Specializing in dog training, pet grooming, and animal behavior, each program emphasizes career skills and Pet Empowerment practices.

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