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Speaker Series: Grisha Stewart

Grisha Stewart, Behavior Adjustment Training, The Academy of Pet Careers

  Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT 2.0) Check out the all-new Behavior Adjustment Training information in this Official BAT 2.0 seminar! Fighting is expensive for dogs. Instead of jumping directly into fighting, most dogs give distance-increasing signals, from subtle to overt. But many dogs have also learned to give up on the subtle signals and leap…

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Behavior Management In The Workplace (2-Day Seminar)

Behavior Management In The Workplace Seminar

  What is Behavior Management? This 2-day seminar focuses on teaching pet care workers behavior management. They will begin by learning how to recognize fear, stress and frustration in dogs and cats. We will teach how to recognize body language signals that indicate an animal is overly stressed or fearful. There will be discussion of…

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