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Dog Car Safety Tips

dog car safety

Who hasn’t chuckled at the pure joy in the flapping jowls and whipped back ears of a dog with her head stuck out a car window? Many dogs absolutely love riding in the car. Not only is it a vessel to new and exciting destinations, it offers a stimulating rush of experiences on the way.…

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Simple Training That Could Save Your Dog’s Life

Save your dog's life

Some people love teaching their dogs all sorts of fun and silly tricks, while others prefer to live with their dogs simply and without any formal training. Whatever your attitude on formal training, there are some commands that every dog should know because it may save her life. While dogs are clever and extremely adaptable,…

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Microchip Your Pet And Save Lives

Microchip your pet

This time of year is packed with holiday shopping, parties and plenty of excitement. While we revel in the splendor of the season, our pets might not feel the same way. Β Even confident pets can become nervous with all the noise that surrounds them during the holidays. Pets are at a much higher risk of…

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