Find Your  Training  Career!

The Academy of Pet Careers (APC) offers a range of dog trainer programs for every level of trainer. Depending on your career goals, we can educate you on basic obedience to get your foot in the door, or advanced techniques that will set you apart from your competition. Many of our program options include education in service dog training and/or scent detection.

All training programs can be taken full-time or part-time and allow students to design their own flexible class schedule.


Professional Dog Trainer Program (75 Days)

Our Professional Trainer Program will teach you the fundamental skills to become a professional dog trainer.  In addition to training pets in basic obedience, you will learn skills in formal obedience, and marker/clicker training. You will graduate this course with the skills needed to obtain any job in obedience dog training.

Specialized Trainer Program (100 Days)

This program builds off of our Professional Trainer Program and allows students an extra 25 days to refine their skills in competitive obedience and in depth scent detection work. In addition, students will specialize in service dog training. These unique skills will make you an expert in training and open up financial opportunities that only a few can compete.

Basic Trainer Program (50 Days)

This program focuses on the skills needed to provide basic obedience training and how to use your skills in a group training environment as well as one-on-one with clients. This program only covers the basics and is designed for those individuals wanting to get a foot in the door.

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Reasons to Become a Dog Trainer

Communicating with Pets

The biggest failure humans repeat as pet guardians is the failure to learn how animals communicate.  If humans took the time to understand animal communication, they would open doors to relationships that are priceless.  Most importantly, when people are uneducated about animal communication, the resulting helplessness causes serious frustration for both the person and the pet.

Job Versatility

When pursuing a career in pet training, the options seem endless. While training positions exist, graduates will find that their skills are also sought after by pet lodging and daycare establishments.  Often times these can lead to management opportunities. Others will look to work as traditional pet trainers, training service dogs, protection dogs, narcotic dogs or dogs for other forms of scent detection, like bed bugs. In addition, dog trainers can use their skilled canine companions in the field, providing valuable services such as search and rescue, and drug detection.

Business Ownership

If you desire to be your own boss, dog training may be the very best way to enter the pet care arena.  With very little up front capital and financial risk, dog trainers have what seem to be endless options to utilize their profession earning income.